Baginton Fields School

"Dedicated to delivering inspirational learning experiences."

Sedgemoor Road, Coventry
West Midlands, CV3 4EA
Registered Charity Number 101027



Whole school assemblies take place on a Wednesday afternoon.  

They are a fantastic opportunity to build a strong sense of community, to reinforce the school’s ethos and to learn and appreciate what others have done for us. Assemblies provide a sense of enjoyment and fascination in helping all students in learning about themselves, others and the world around them. It also teaches us all, through a variety of different assemblies, an appreciation of different cultural themes, well-being objectives and key topics in a way that gives students the chance to fully participate. 

A few examples of assemblies that have taken place this year include: celebrating our friends, animal preservation, eco-schools, Diwali, Guy Fawkes, Anti-bullying week, World Children’s Day, St Andrew’s Day, Building Learning Power, Chinese New Year, LGBTQ+, World Book Day, Celebration of the arts and World cup cake day. 

These assemblies help to instil a sense of belonging and increase the confidence of students by providing them with the chance to share their work and ideas. Assemblies are a time when all areas of the school community can learn and celebrate together; they unite the school with a positive and fun shared experience.