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Below can be found a list of the e-learning platforms we use with students in school.

Some of the  e-Learning platforms can be teacher led; with specific tasks  being set through them for students. This will require a login and it is advised you contact the class teacher for this information.

 Other Platforms will require parents or  carers input to ensure students are able to access suitable learning tasks.


Please be vigilant and consider your child's E-safety when using them by ensuring that content and time on line are monitored. Please visit the Thinkuknow website for guidance and support with keeping children safe online.

If you any immediate concerns please use the CEOP Button to report them to the Police.  

Useful E-safety Links


Digital arts challenges from Coventry City Council





Khan Academy

L3-6, M3-4, U3-4

Doorway online

L3-6, M3-4, U3-4

Study ladder

L3-6, M3-4, U3-4

Fun brain

L3-6, M3-4, U3-4


All classes 

homework elephant

L3-6, M3-4, U3-4


L3-6, M3-4, U3-4

NASA for Kids

L3-6, M3-4, U3-4

BBC bitesize

L3-6, M3-4, U3-4


L3-6, M3-4, U3-4

Oxford Owl Reading Tree

Online reading

Oxford Owl Maths

L3-6, M3-4, U3-4

ICT Games


Woodlands Primary School

L3-6, M3-4, U3-4

Maths4 mums and dads

L3-6, M3-4, U3-4

Science kids

L3-6, M3-4, U3-4
National Geographic

L3-6, M3-4, U3-4
Learning games

L3-6, M3-4, U3-4
Government Guidelines

L3-6, M3-4, U3-4



Other resources are available for free through   Please contact your child's teacher for recommended materials.