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Dol Y Moch May 2019

Day 4..... Full Steam Ahead !

Barry Williamson (barry) on: Dol Y Moch May 2019

Today we had a change of plan! We decided we had not seen enough of the local area so we voted as a group to go on a 100 year steam train. It was amazing!


Dylan told everyone how the train made steam and we then jumped aboard and headed past the sea, rivers, mountains and deep dark tunnels. We then visited a lake and trekked around it examining the wild herbs and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Later we headed back to the centre for one last challenge.... the zip line of doom! We had had great fun trying it out. In the evening we had a camp fire and as is tradition we sang lots of songs. Happy, tired and more confident we will head home tomorrow.

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Day 3 In The Sunshine

Barry Williamson (barry) on: Dol Y Moch May 2019

After braving the beach, we decided to take it easy at the centre.

To start with we explored the Dol y Moch folly looking for different types of plants and wildlife. We then decided we needed to get a closer look at a tree so with that help of Emma and Di, we did set up a hoist to pull us one by one into the tree canopy. We all had our own challenges to over come. Some of just getting off the ground.others climbing high into the tree. Everyone worked together and pushed their limits



After a lunch, we decided it was time to show off our skills on the water. We all either jumped in a canoe or a kayak and paddled around the lake. This was the first time some of us had been in a canoe by ourselves. We all got wet!  We had a waterproof camera with evidence  saved for when we get home!
In the evening we joined our friends from Riverbank and did a picture trail. We had a lot of fun running around and looking for clues. 
Tomorrow we are venturing out on a river and applying our new paddling skills.


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Day 2.... Baginton Fields Dol Y Moch Adventures

Barry Williamson (barry) on: Dol Y Moch May 2019

Today we really got stuck into life at Dol y Moch. We started by predicting the weather. It looked like it was going to be a bright, warm and sunny day. So we decided the best thing to do was get kitted up in DYM fashion and head for the beach.

On the beach we encountered caves with smooth walls, rocks pools with crabs and had lunch in the sun. We used our science knowledge to build sand castles and then made some rock art.

Of course it would be rude not to buy an ice cream. Our next mission was to judge how cold the sea was and then as a team fill the minibus with as much sand as we could!

After dinner we headed to the labyrinth to explore the unknown.


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We have arrived

Barry Williamson (barry) on: Dol Y Moch May 2019

After an epic journey, we arrived at 6:15pm. Everyone was excited to explore the centre and have dinners.

We all had some free time and a snack before bed ready for our first adventure day.

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We are off to Dol Y Moch !!

Barry Williamson (barry) on: Dol Y Moch May 2019

Here We Go !!   May 2019

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