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Dol Y Moch 2017

Day 3: The canoes and the wood walk.

Barry Williamson (barry) on: Dol Y Moch 2017

To was our final day at Dol y Moch. 

We all got up early for our first challenge of the day......making our own sandwiches! Kerrum and KJ were two of our master chefs.  

We then took the challenge of going canoeing....We spit up into to groups and raced up and down the river. 

We had to find the hot chocolate cafe as well!

In the afternoon we then went orienteering and had to guide out teacher through the woods because they had no sense of direction!

We then sat around a camp fire and enjoyed our last evening together. We all grew from our challenging week and made new friends and grew in confidence. 

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Day 2: The adventure in the mine and the mountain bikes

Barry Williamson (barry) on: Dol Y Moch 2017

Today we went to a slate mine. The mine was dark, it was cold and we had to get a special train that went down. It was like a roller coaster. 

In the mine we were shown how to use jumpers to mine slate. Jumpers were made out of iron and were heavy. 

We also took part in a fake explosion. We wanted it to be real. 

We then went to a waterfall for a hot chocolate and Connor got water in his wellies. 

This afternoon we learnt to ride two wheel bikes! 

Sean fell off... We all laughed. But he was alright... only his pride and his bottom bruised!

Alison also arrived after getting lost in her car. So we used a rope and tied her to us so she would not get lost at Dol y Moch!

Cameron, Connor and Sean 

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Our first day at Dol y Moch

Barry Williamson (barry) on: Dol Y Moch 2017

Today was Omoye birthday. She is 13! We wall sang happy birthday in welsh to her.

This morning we went to seaside at Both a Gest. We went climbing on the rocks. First we did a slide on smooth rock with Faf. Shahd, Omoye and KJ were all very good climbers and did the hard challenges. There was lots of team work and people helping each other.  We went sliding on some rocks and Omoye, Steve and Summit almost lost there wellington boots in the water.

We found and dead jelly fish and we touched it. Jelly fish in welsh is Wibbly Wobbly Faf told us.


We had our lunch on the beach. The weather was very good.

We then had a birthday Ice cream and went back to the centre.

In the afternoon we all had a go on the zip wire. Omoye and Shahd both agreed the zip wire was good.  Everybody has done really well today and we are all tired and waiting dinner.  

By Omoye, Shahd and Sean

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Our first night at DYM

Barry Williamson (barry) on: Dol Y Moch 2017

We are all safe and sound at DYM. We arrived last night and had chips and beans for dinner.

We then got our bags and kit. The kit is very comfortable and bright red or blue. 

This morning we got up at 7 after a fantastic nights sleep in the stables. We were all a sleep by 10:30 pm!!! Our rooms are very comfortable and tidy.  We had wheetabix, cornflakes and shreddies for breakfast and lots of toast.

We looking forward to going rock climbing near the coast this morning.

Lots of pictures to follow........

By Baginton Students


We are all ready to go!

Barry Williamson (barry) on: Dol Y Moch 2017

This is the before we go photograph! Lets see what we all look like when we get back!